Who are we


Our mission is to develop the East Shores trail infrastructure to accommodate the increased interest in local and visiting mountain bikers and hikers. With effective marketing, we have the opportunity to join the ever-growing number of regional trails initiatives and share in the social and economical benefits of a highly popular, low-impact and sustainable tourist attraction. ESTBA promotes a healthy lifestyle where trail users have access to well signed and mapped recreation trails.


The vision of the East Shore Trail and Bike Association is to have:

• A collaborative and sustainable process to review and coordinate trail management annually;

• Identified and empowered trail groups as champions to guide strategic location and selection of new trails and growth areas;

• Identified and empowered trail groups as champions in the protection and maintenance of existing areas while aiming to formalize legal status of trails;

• Support from all stakeholders, including water-user groups, for a managed trail network

• Identified areas for growth and trail development.

Our Team

Sandy Oates


Klaus Plaumann


Farley Cursons

Founder and Project Manager

Nicole Plouffe


Geoffroy Tremblay

GIS, Graphic and Web Design

Contributors, Hikers and Bikers

Lorna Robin

Lorna is a contact person for the “Trailheads” hiking group on the East Shore of Kootenay Lake. She holds a degree in biology and experiences ongoing happiness learning more about wild plants, animals, and wilderness trails. She teaches short courses on animal tracks and animal sign interpretation upon request.