Upper Levels and Steep Beach Trails


Follow the Boomers Landing trail down to the park junction. Rather than descending into the park continue hiking south for about 40 min until you reach the East / West Trail junction. The Upper Levels trail continues south from there where you will arrive at McDonald Beach and the Lakeshore Trail. Follow the trail west toward the Pilot Bay Provincial Park. Traveling east will take you to private property at Cortiana Bay and Cape Horn. We don’t advise using this trail unless you know the landowner as we have no use agreement with them. Additionally, due to land ownership changes The East West Trail junction now only allows the option of descending south west to the Lakeshore Trail closer to Steep Beach and onward to Pilot Bay Provincial Park. The segment that would take you due east to connect with the East Side Trail is now closed to the public. The loop to the East Side Trail is no longer maintained with closed signage near the trailhead. None of these trails have been designated for mountain biking due to land use changes and general trail design that doesn’t make for the best cycling experience.

We acknowledge that the recreation trails which we enjoy are the traditional territory of the Ktunaxa First Nation. We honour their connection to the land, lakes and rivers and respect the importance of caring for our shared environment.