Pilot Peninsula Trails

PILOT PENINSULA is the popular local name given to Crawford Peninsula. The true Pilot Peninsula is the smaller one where the lighthouse is located. These trails are mostly on Crown (public) land, with some designated woodlots. Please use caution on Forestry roads. If you find a trail not described here, it is headed towards private property. Please stay on the trails listed and respect landowners.

Hiking option for the peninsula

Drive south  on Pilot  Bay road.    Watch  for the  trail sign  at  3.3km. If you continue along the road, you  will  soon  find the Lighthouse Trail (#9) at 4.3  km,  an easy .5 km  hike  up  to  a  climbable, historic  lighthouse  with  wonderful  lake  views.  Backtracking  to Sawmill  Bay Trail (#10),  there  is  parking  at  the  trailhead. 

Follow  the  lake  shore  1.5  km  to Sawmill  Bay.  Turn  right  at  the  next  intersection to  the park campground,  or continue  another 1.5  km  along the Lakeside Trail (#6) to  Boomer’s Landing.   After  this point  the trail  becomes more challenging with steep sections and drop-offs.  


Drive  up  Peter’s  Road  from  Hwy  3A.     At  0.8  km,  a signpost marks the Woodlot Trail (#1). After 2 km  the trail meets the William Frazer Trail (#2), originally made by Jack Houghton around 1898, when he was the postmaster in Crawford Bay and packed the mail in from the Pilot Bay townsite. A left  turn at this point brings you on to the Height of Land Trail (#3) which  leads to the Trail Hub (#4) at  6.5 km. 

There is a stretch where the trail follows up a road bed, with an intersecting road crossing  it. Just head uphill; where the road turns and levels out  the trail is marked with a post. After a gradual uphill walk through the forest, you will come to a lovely viewpoint before descending to the Trail Hub.


(#4)  3.5  km  along  the  Pilot  Bay Forestry  Road,  with  a  high clearance vehicle. A 4WD vehicle may be required in wet conditions. Enjoy a 30 minute hike up to  the Height of Land viewpoint and return. The Boomer’s Landing Trail (#5) leads through old growth forest to a SW viewpoint, then down to the Lakeside Trail and a beautiful pebble beach.  

Be aware that  the return trip will be a stiff  uphill hike! East  from the Hub about  400 metres you will  find the East Side Trail (#7). After descending through forest  you  will  cross Crystal Road, picking up the trail  again a few metres  to the north. The trail later connects with a logging road for  .6 km;  watch  for  signposts.    Try  a  circle  route  along  the  East  Side  and  connecting  with Upper  Levels (#8)  enjoying several  view  points, marshes,  and terrain  changes,  then  back  up the Boomer’s Landing Trail.  Or, head down to the Lake Side trail and emerge eventually on the Pilot Bay road, if you have had the foresight to leave a vehicle there.

The trails

Wetlands / Beach

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Woodlot Trail

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